how does it work?

@sggst allows you to search for the best price on any product via your Twitter account.

Just log in to your Twitter account as you normally would.

Then simply type @sggst followed by the *name of a product* (encapsulated within asterisk), for example:

  • @sggst *Take That Progress*
  • @sggst *Twilight Eclipse BluRay*
  • @sggst *Call of Duty Black Ops PS3*

Our service will then send you the best price for the product you are interested in.

The results will appear in your @mentions tab.

Use it as many times as you like its free and we will be expanding the service over the coming months.

In fact why not try the @sggst Like function and search for products like the product you are interested in, for example:

@sggst like *Take That Progress*

Note: @sggst is in beta so please let us know what you think of the service and how you feel we could improve it going forward – go to contact form.